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Don Harrigton Discovery Center
Self-guided exhibit tours enchant learners of every age with a variety of hands-on learning activities. Have a question about an exhibit? Just ask one of our friendly Science Guides. They're always happy to help!

Fall 2014 Exhibits- Coming Soon!


Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery

Open September 27, 2014- January 11, 2015

Powers of observation and deductive reasoning are put to the test as visitors solve this baffling thriller. Interactive crime scenes and a live actor propel visitors towards the dramatic finale as a killer is revealed!

Ice Age Mammals

Open September 27, 2014 -January 4, 2015

Return to the Ice Age and interact with life-size animatronic mammals, including a 7-foot-tall Whoolly Mammoth! Investigate animal habitats and discover what life was like during one of the most geologically active periods in Earth’s history!



Current Summer 2014 Exhibits



May 24, 2014 - September 7, 2014

Treasure is a word that stirs the imagination of everyone of every age. The Don Harrington Discovery Center is proud to bring the Treasure! traveling exhibit to the Texas Panhandle in Summer 2014. This hands-on exhibit explores the history of treasures and treasure hunting, the technology employed in hunting treasure, as well as the people and personalities that hunt for treasure- including you! Treasure! has several thematic areas and hands-on activities that allow you to try tools of treasure hunting and investigate treasures. Visitors will explore Underwater Treasure, Buried Treasure, Metal Detecting for Treasure, Gold Rushes, Treasures in the Attic, Treasure in Popular Culture, The Modern Treasure Hunt including Geocaching, and Protecting Treasure. Click here to learn more about this exhibit.


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Little Builders

Little Builders

January 25, 2014- September 7, 2014

Children in grades Pre-K through 2 grade become movers and shakers in Little Builders! Students begin by putting on hard hats and construction vests and then set off to explore concepts of construction, motion, simple machines, aerodynamics and physics through creative play and hands-on learning stations. The Construction Zone lets students' imaginations run wild as they build structures with blocks, pipes, Duplo® blocks and gears while learning about size, weight, shape, balance, gravity and stability.

Little Builders Educator's Guide

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Giant Worlds

Giant Worlds

Giant Worlds takes students on a tour of the "gas giants" - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - and explores some of their most fascinating mysteries: enormous hurricanes that last for centuries; moons that harbor vast ocenas below an icy surface; and magnetic enviroments that can generate massive storms of charged particles. This hands-on exhibit provides students with an in-depth look at each of the outer planers and exlores what scientists have learned about these immense giants. A final stop at What's Next? reveals new missions NASA has planned for further research on the gas giants.

Giant World's Educator's Guide Coming Soon!

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From a giant tennis ball launcher to a table top parabola, Bounce reveals how much there is to learn from a simple sphere. The exhibit features 35 hands-on learning stations which rotate on and off the exhibit floor providing students with new learning opportunities during every visit. A favorite with scientists of all ages, Bounce allows students to discover concepts of geometry, optics, sound, force, motion, acceleration, inertia, simple machines, planetary motion and more.

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Nano is an interactive exhibition that engages students in nanoscale science, engineering and technology. Hands-on exhibits present the basics of nanoscience and engineering, introducing real world applications and explore the societal and ethical implications of this new technology. Students discover how different materials behave as they get smaller, work to build a giant nanatube and compare effects of static electricity and gravity on different sized objects.

Nano Educator's Guide Coming Soon!

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Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground is designed to inspire student-directed learning. Giant blue foam blocks of all shapes and sizes, oversized cogs, wheels, spools and tubes stimulate creativity in students of all ages and inspire them to invent their own ways to play. Students work together to create orginal structures and make up their own stories, rules and games. Younger learners practice skills such as hand-eye coordication; fine motor development; spatial awareness and foundational math and science thinking while older students experiment with concepts of force, inertia, gravity, simple machines, measurment and geometry.

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The Space Gallery

Located just outside the Space Theater, The Space Gallery is dedicated to exploring weather conditions on Earth and beyond. Multimedia presentations reveal real-time data regarding weather conditions on Earth and explore the science of common weather phenomena. Interactive displays examine space weather concepts such as auroras, solar flares and cosmic rays and uncover their effect on the Earth.

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You Are Here

You Are Here, located just inside the main lobby, introduces students to our place in the universe. Graphic displays, multimedia presentatiosn and interactive exhibits reveal our community location from large to small. Beginning at The Galaxy, students visit progressively smaller community groups and end their journey at Microvision which provides an up close view of the tiniest cellular communities.

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Designed for our youngest scientists, KinderStudio is a permanent exploration space for students in Pre-K through 1st grade. Interactive, imaginative play areas feature a climbing structure, tumbling space with mats, a lighted performace stage, hands-on manipulatives (blocks, tubes, and toys) and raw materials for creative play (i.e. shells, pine cones and popsicle sticks).

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More traveling exhibits coming soon!

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